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I want to thank Nick for the professional job he did on my lawsuit against the company that I tried to collect from for the last four or five years. He got this case settled in a few months. This company didn’t want to pay commission on its products sold. Quite a few I know couldn’t collect from it. He did and I thank him again.
— Neal Fisher, Marketing Professionals
I’m a writer who contacted Attorney Loaknauth about some copyright infringement of several of my novels. Attorney Loaknauth expeditiously addressed my problem and solved it. Very appreciative.
— Bridget Manie, Author
I was very fortunate to work with Nicholas recently. He is very knowledgeable regarding copyright infringement and has been a huge support in protecting my rights. I highly recommend him to any one dealing with intellectual property issues.
— Hangbag Designer
The Law Office of Nicholas Loaknauth, P.C. handled my personal injury case after I was in a car accident in September of 2016. This individual ran a red light and crashed into me. I was injured in the accident and had to see a doctor for slip discs in my lower back. My car was destroyed in the accident. I contacted The Law Office of Nicholas Loaknauth, P.C. who handled my case. My outcome was great after working with The Law Office of Nicholas Loaknauth, P.C. I won my case. My doctor bills were paid and I bought a new car. I highly recommend The Law Office of Nicholas Loaknauth, P.C.
— Brenda Lee Mallory, Client